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Be the Change is a project conceived and developed by Greenyl and Rude Cares aiming at raising awareness towards climate change and environmental impact in the Music Community. Rude is a certified B-Corp supporting multiple projects such as Green Future Project, Education for the Future, and Merch for Good and, among others, has co-founded Greenyl, the first 100% eco-friendly Vinyl Record plant.

Standard Vinyl records are made of PVC, which is not great news for the environment. To offset the 2022 Vinyl Record production (180M), we would need to plant over 6 million trees (30 new trees for every 1000 vinyl records), equating to an area 35 times the size of NY’s Central Park

Be The Change is selecting Artists until the end of 2024 who share our vision, and produce exclusive and limited Green variants of their catalogue LPs to offer to fans globally. Donations to the Green Future Project for each release are made, and new trees are planted to offset each project’s residual footprint fully.

We are on a mission to make our Earth a better place through music, and we envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good!



all’s well that ends well


Graphic Nature

vol. 404

ultra clear vinyl lp

Sydney Sprague

Somebody in hell loves you

Nebula Vinyl LP

Less Than Jake

Greetings & Salutations

Aquamarine Vinyl LP

The Dangerous Summer

all that is left of the blue sky





join the greenyl revolution

This is not just a standard LP repress; the vinyl drop is a means, not an end, and the message is the primary objective. The Artists involved will be the first in the world to offer a 100% eco-friendly vinyl to their fanbase through Be The Change, and plant trees through our partner initiatives, Green Future Project. 

Each record will be:

  • Printed on 100% eco-friendly, PVC-free Greenyl
  • Made from a certified 99% recycled plastic compound with zero emissions during the production process
  • Manufactured sustainably as 80% of energy used by the plant comes from solar panels
  • Completed with certified paper parts (FSC & PEFC) and eco-friendly UV inks for LP labels.

Did you know each Vinyl has an impact equal to 16 CDs?

The main cause is chloride contained in PVC-made traditional vinyl records that, during production, is released into the air. The production process uses a polymer containing 57% chloride content, a toxic gas with a very high impact. Research has shown how the growing demand for Vinyl will negatively impact the environment. A published survey by Keele University researchers estimates that vinyl records typically contain around 135g of PVC material with a carbon footprint of 0.5kg of CO2. The impact on the environment is pretty heavy, and, as said, we’d need to plant several million trees to offset the yearly world’s production. Also, vinyl chloride is hazardous when inhaled and is considered carcinogenic. Prolonged exposure to vinyl chloride causes lymphoma, leukaemia, and brain, liver, and lung cancers.

How does it sound?
A Greenyl sounds perfect and has a high-quality sound. After over a year of research and development, an excellent sound was found.

green future project

Green Future Project is a B-Corp created to reverse the effects of climate change, preserving the Planet for current and future generations. We can monitor all projects activated to offset 100% of each Be The Change release’s residual footprint. Our releases have Zero Impact on the environment.

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Rudenetworks Srl SB Climate Impact
trees planted
of forest protected
15.31 tons
of CO2 absorbed
Powered by Green Future Project


Some outstanding Artists are generously backing this initiative to the best of their means.



The Dangerous Summer

Less than Jake

Graphic Nature

Sydney Sprague


This project enjoys the key support of some exceptional partners from the music industry and beyond.

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